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Eleanor Abbott, Burnout Coach

Welcome to this transformational coaching programme to Recover fully from burnout, Reveal your true self and actively Realise a life you love!

If you're a smart, determined, caring woman, navigating the painful and confusing challenges of burnout recovery and seeking a path to fulfilling change in your life, my personal online coaching programme is tailored to support you on your journey.

I invite you to embrace your fears, lean into your dreams, and trust that whatever happens, you've got this!

Imagine A Life Of Confidence, Connection, Vitality, and Joy

The potentials for the life you love, that you sense, are REAL. In fact, they are bigger than you can imagine when you are willing to take concrete steps and actions day by day.  


Imagine what it will look and feel like to experience a fulfilled life: 

  • Deep alignment with your values and purpose

  • Authentic confidence in your unique personality and talents 

  • Kick-ass strength and courage to materialise your dreams 

  • Shameless fun and play, love, intimacy and passion

  • Effortless structures of self-care and feeling thoroughly alive and at home in your body

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Is This Programme Right For You?

I know you’re a smart, determined, caring woman, with responsibilities and accomplishments to be proud of… and burnout took you by surprise.

Yet, in spite of current progress you are making to rest and regain your energy, you are still experiencing: 


  • Not being able to slow down in your head, though you really know you should.

  • Feeling emotionally unsettled, anxious, or depressed. 

  • Wanting to be full of energy and happy in your body, but feeling frustration and disappointment about not succeeding with the changes you would like to make.

  • Feeling driven to express your mind, your qualities and your talents, while at the same time experiencing inhibiting self-doubt and fear of rejection. 

  • Feeling called to support others and do good, but not knowing how to without losing yourself.

  • Finding yourself in personal and professional relationship patterns where you are over-giving and feel undervalued and lacking support.

  • Feeling stuck in daily routines, repeated discussions, and ongoing frustrations, without perspective of anything changing.

  • Feeling lonely and isolated, even though you have good and loving friends and family in your life. 

  • Longing for an intimate partnership, but not knowing how to connect as a true equal. 

A Journey To Confidence, Connection, Vitality, And Joy

Allow yourself to feel the desire for things to be different. 

Trust your inner knowing. 

You’re on your path. 

I’ve got you and you’ve got this!

Here are some highlights of what we will cover during this programme.  This is the roadmap, but it’s not linear, it's not a mountain to climb.

RESOURCE yourself > Prioritize caring for your physical and mental wellbeing to feel energized, healthy, at peace and at home in your body 

REGULATE your thoughts, emotions, actions > Learn to trust your inner knowing and feeling and make conscious, calm and confident choices

RECOGNISE what is true for you > Develop clarity on what it means to live the life that you love, on your terms

REALISE your dreams > Claim your wants, your desires, and your truth. Become the person you need to BE in order to step into the life you most want to LIVE.


RELATE confidently to others > Engage in healthy partnerships & collaborate effectively and develop deeper, more meaningful connections

A Roadmap To Achieve Your Goals

Module 1 - Unplug & Recharge: Get into the habit of rest & relaxation

Module 2 - Navigate Your Emotions: Learn to embrace and channel your emotional responses

Module 3 - Dream Big, Live Bold: Envision the fulfilling life you love

Module 4 - Revitalize: Identify how to foster your energy and vitality sources

Module 5 - Break Free, Break Through: Turn old behaviour patterns around

Module 6 - Stand Tall: Feel at ease to assert yourself with confidence and courage

Module 7 - Illuminate: Uncover your relationship dynamics

Module 8 - Nurture Harmony: Balance self-care and care for others

Module 9 - Dive Deep into Love: Cultivate genuine partnership & intimacy

Module 10 - Celebrate & Reflect: Acknowledge your journey and breakthroughs

What Is Included?

  • 20 x 1,5h personal online coaching sessions with Eleanor, over a period of 12 months

  • Tailored self-reflection exercises and audio meditations per module

  • Ongoing support and accountability, feedback and alignment moments

  • Coaching sesssions in English, Dutch, French or German. 

1:1 Exploration Session (FREE)



How has burnout affected you? What do you long for? What is standing in your way of loving life?

Let Me Show You The Way.

The world needs your determined, loving, caring and shining self, the version of you that is true, with all you have to offer. 

Every change you desire will occur step by step, day by day, in the very moment, when you start to focus on what you do want, instead of what you don’t. It is that simple.

This is only the start of choosing a life that is aligned with who you truly are. This is just the start of exploring all your possibilities that are waiting to be fulfilled. 

It’s your time to fully recover from burnout and create that life you love! And if you’ll allow me to be your guide, I will show you how! 


I can't wait to see what adventure lies ahead for you!

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