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How often do you take a moment to reflect on how you well you are looking after you?

When I’m out walking my dog, I ponder. And it occurred to me recently, that to be able to take care of ourselves, perform self-care, engage in wellbeing, we first need the ability to self-reflect.

To self-reflect is to take a step back, examine our experiences, thoughts, and emotions, and use this insight to make intentional and positive changes in our lives. It requires to a certain extent an ability to be self-critical, but in a loving, compassionate way. Like saying ‘hey, I’m not feeling so great and this is what I’ve been doing to contribute to that and this is what I can do to take responsibility for me and my needs.’

Here are a few reasons why self-reflection is essential to enhance wellbeing:

☀️Clarity: Self-reflection provides clarity about our goals, values, and aspirations. When we pause to think about what truly matters to us, we can align our actions, leading to a more purpose-driven life.

🧡Emotional Intelligence: It helps us understand our emotions, allowing us to manage them better. By first recognizing our triggers and responses, we can develop the ability to regulate our emotions and feel empathy towards others, which is crucial in building healthier relationships.

💪Resilience: Through self-reflection, we can learn from our past experiences and setbacks. Equipped with the lessons we've gathered along the way, you can bounce back stronger.

🙏🏻Mindfulness: I practice Mindfulness as a cornerstone of my self-care routines. The ability to be present with myself in the moment, with my thoughts, my emotions, my sensations, without judging myself or getting wrapped up in memories of the past or future events has had a profound effect on reducing my stress and anxiety levels. I highly recommend!

So, how can you incorporate self-reflection into your daily routines?

📝 Journaling: Maintain a journal where you can jot down your thoughts and experiences regularly. It's a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth.

🔦 Meditation: Practicing mindfulness can help you shine a light on you and become more self-aware and in tune with you.

💡 Seek Feedback: Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from colleagues, friends and family or a coach. They can offer valuable insights that you might not see on your own.

⏲️ Take Time: Devote time each day or week for self-reflection. It's an investment in your personal and professional growth and success.

In the pursuit of success and wellbeing, self-reflection is not a luxury but a necessity, though it can be challenging to take this self-critical stance, especially if you are feeling fragile or vulnerable. Never the less, it's the cornerstone upon which we can build a happier, more purposeful and resilient life and live life on our own terms.

Is active self-reflection a part of your self-care routine? In which ways do you struggle?

I welcome your insights! Drop me a mail via the link below...

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