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Revive From Burnout
Reveal Your True Self
Realise The Life You Love

I invite you to lean into your dreams, embrace your fears,  
trust that whatever happens, you’ve got this.

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Hi, I'm Eleanor and I have walked this path before you...

Like you, I didn't experience a burnout out of the blue. It was the result of consistently ignoring my needs for rest and recovery. It could have been so easy to avoid, had I known how to trust my body, my feelings, my inner wisdom... 

What followed was a profound and impactful journey of learning how to recover from burnout by revisiting my life story and returning to my true self. As I learned to move beyond my circumstances and make choices for a life on my own terms, things started to shift.

I have transformed my life step by step and have realised a life I own and love! and I know that you also have it in you to make fulfilling changes in your life, just as I did, one day at a time. 

Let's embark on your journey together…

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Meet Eleanor
Why work with me?

Why Work With Me?

I am able to offer you a practical approach that will allow you to develop the mindset and skills to recover from burnout fully, and to experience life with confidence, connection, vitality and joy!

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Realise A Life Of Confidence, Connection, Vitality, And Joy

The potentials for the life you love, that you sense, are REAL. In fact, they are bigger than you can imagine when you make the shift to taking concrete steps and actions day by day.  Imagine what it will look and feel like to step into a fulfilled life of: 

  • Deep alignment with your values and purpose

  • Authentic confidence in your unique personality and talents 

  • Kick-ass strength and courage to materialise your dreams 

  • Shameless fun and play, love, intimacy and passion

  • Effortless structures of self-care and feeling deeply alive and at home in your body


"As her supervisor and teacher, I know Eleanor as an expert in her field of self-care, both through her own experience and her education. She has had the courage to walk the talk and has implemented some impressive changes on her life-path towards more happiness and fulfilment. This makes her the perfect person to guide others on their journey!"


My Offer

My Offer

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Koningin Astridlaan 188/0, B-2800 Mechelen

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